Sea Spa Skin Care Collective Removed from Castle Court Shopping Centre

BDS Success 

Both Sea Spa Skin Care stalls have been removed from Castle Court Shopping Centre (Belfast).
We spoke to a customer information officer in store who confirmed that Sea Spa Skin Care stalls had left Castle Court Shopping Centre (Belfast) on Saturday 30th January 2016.
We tried speaking to Paul Mc Mahon (Centre Manager) who was unavailable as usual.



Looks like another success following on from our previous campaigns - Spar NI and William Orr & Son.
This sends a clear message to any company that complicity in the funding and support of the brutal occupation of Palestine will have a detrimental effect on their business and brand.


Thanks to everyone who attended the vigils, shared the events and signed the petition.Castle Court Shopping Centre hosts two Sea Spa Skin Care Collection stalls that sell Israeli Dead Sea products which are stolen from occupied Palestinian territory.  Dead Sea product manufacturing promotes the occupation and illegal colonisation of Palestinian territory by bolstering Israel’s illegal colonies and the Israeli economy in general.


The manufacturing of Dead Sea products provides an incentive for Israel to continue occupying and illegally colonising Palestinian territory. 

Sea Spa Skin Care Collection breaks International Law, specifically the Fourth Geneva Convention (art 49, p. 6) which prohibits the transfer by occupying powers of their own civilians to the territories occupied. Thus Israel’s establishment of the Jewish only colonies in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is a clear-cut violation of International Law.

Sign the Petition asking Castle Court Shopping Centre (Belfast) to Stop hosting Sea Spa Skin Care Collection